HR Series: Human Resources CAREER LADDER/Growing your HR CAREER (2024)


Growing your Human Resources career can be difficult if you won't know how the jobs line up in your career ladder. Use this video to help you map out your HR Career plan. Jammed pack with details to get your career to the next level!

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Hey, y'all, this is Tamika the face behind, hey, HR, y'all.

We gonna talk about some good stuff because I noticed a lot of people get so confused like they jump all over the place with their careers.

Or they ask me questions when I'm like you don't know, the HR career progression and so I'm here to help you guys kind of see what the HR career progression goes like like which position, should you start with go to next aim for the end result? And so I'm, hoping that this video will definitely help you if you're like listen to me because this this I appreciate you doing this video.

And this is some nice stuff, but I need something tangible.

In my hand, I got you covered.

If you go to, I have a HR career toolkit.

There that's going to go over all of these things give you something tangible and actually give you numbers and true information to go through so that you can know how to set up your career path and so feel free to check the link down in my description box I, have it there for you enjoy my email list because I check out this information often not as detailed as the HR career toolkit, but definitely definitely a way to help you build a foundation.

So if you want to know like where do I start in HR, and where should I aim to go to next, and how do I grow my career in HR or what what other job titles? I should be seeking at this level in HR, then definitely keep watching let's start with the entry.

Lecture are primarily your HR assistant your HR coordinator and your HR admin assistant.

So those are the positions that really don't require you to have any HR experience at all doesn't require a degree doesn't require, you know, anything except some basic like transferable skills that you can get as an admin assistant, an office coordinator, a regular app like so many different things where you can have transferable skills like even if you touched in an area where we can see that that those skills can go into HR.

You can just start an HR in those roles.

So those are your entry level, HR positions.

Now let's move into a higher level position, um or the next tier of the HR career progression.

And that would be your mid-level career positions.

So your mid-level career positions are primarily your HR generalist.

Your HR specialist your HR analyst, or even your talent acquisition specialist another basic position that I didn't say and I just thought about it.

When I said ta specialist is your recruiter.

So your recruiter is also like an entry level position.

Your talent acquisition specialist is more of a mid-level position.

So these ones do require that you have heavier transferable skills that you're comfortable and show that confidence in yourself because now it's expected that I'll give you the start of it.

You finish it, um, whatever those duties, or those tasks are it's also expected that you would have some type of basic knowledge already so that we can just see you to the next level.

And so those are your mid-level career positions that typically requires a little bit more of a requirement.

But honestly it doesn't require you having a certification it doesn't require you having a degree.

It just requires you being able to show that you have a heavier Foundation that can take you comfortably into this role or any of those roles.

So your senior level HR career positions is going to be your HR business partner.

Your HR manager.

Your senior Talent acquisition specialist and maybe a team lead.

So those positions are required that you are comfortable with leading a team that you're comfortable with strategy, but you're also comfortable with HR.

And you know, all facets of HR it's saying that, hey, this person can take on things autonomously and get it done.

And so that does require in most instances quite a few years or a number of years of HR specific experience.

Now in this area I'm going to always tell you guys that a degree is not required for these roles because there's so many people that don't have degrees and been working at it for 20 years or I started working in whatever so a degree isn't required.

But in these, these like leadership, I say, pre-leadership positions, having a degree and having a certification gives you tons of negotiation rights to be able to ask for more money on more benefits.

So no it's, not required, but I would highly suggest it because now they may offer you a salary of seventy thousand.

And you can say, nah, I, don't think that less than 85.

if that's where you want to be or that's your Next Level to before.

You get a little six figures, then definitely you want to start getting those extra things like your certification and your degrees.

So that you can leverage that with your skills and be able to negotiate higher and come out, you know, more comfortable on your side.

So now let's talk about the leadership positions, that's in HR so that's going to be your Director of Human Resources, your vice president of human resources and your cheat Human, Resources officer, literally in that level, you don't have to take each one.

But that tells you kind of where your salary is going to climb to your highest salary will be your Chief Human Resources officer.

You had a real comfortable salary by the time you become a VP of HR.

And life is pretty good as a director of HR, definitely six figures for all of these positions, um and comfortable six figures once you get to VP and Chief, Human Resources officer.

But yeah, this comes with Annoying strategy.

This comes with knowing how to manage a team.

This comes with knowing how to give your position in before your your other leaders to see why you're confident and that this would meet whatever company any goals.

Kpis okrs that your company is going for this comes with being prepared for not just employees to come to you with questions, but like the leader of the entire organization or those leaders who are leading a whole branch of this organization or a whole vertical, a whole business part.

This comes with you, not having to think about how you can do.

But you already know how to position yourself as that expert you're definitely the expert in that level.

And so I hope that this video was helpful again, if you guys are likes me, I need something tangible in my hand, then please go to my website.

The link is below.

So you can get the HR career toolkit is going to tell you exactly what the salaries look like what size companies, what type companies.

How many employees you may be leading what type of employees.

You may be leading so things of that nature, how to research these companies and make sure that you're finding the right fit so there's tons deck into the HR career, toolkit feel free to dive in and grab it I believe that it's 9.99.

If you join my email list, then it's going to also give you information there.

So the link is below for that for those of you who are new I hope that you found value in this video and that you hit the like button.

If you like girl, you wanted something I'm gonna keep on going then definitely subscribe for those of you who are returning man, I, appreciate, you I don't, even know what else to say, I, appreciate you keep on coming back because I just cannot wait to see you on the next video.

HR Series: Human Resources CAREER LADDER/Growing your HR CAREER (2024)


What is a career ladder in HR? ›

A Career Ladder is a department-driven process designed to formally progress a regular staff employee to a higher level position (see University Administrative Policies (UAP) #3260, Career Development, Section 6).

How do you move up the ladder in HR? ›

6 Tips For Climbing the HR Career Ladder
  1. Be Proactive. A proactive attitude can help in any career, but it's especially important in HR. ...
  2. Learn the Full Scope of HR. ...
  3. Consider Certification. ...
  4. Spend Time Outside the HR Bubble. ...
  5. Utilize Free Resources. ...
  6. Highlight Relevant Skills.

Why did you choose HR as your career answer? ›

Example response: Human resources play an important role in any company because the department manages and promotes the most vital asset—people. As an HR professional, I enjoy being able to help people fulfill their potential by hiring the right people and then helping them thrive in their jobs.

What do you think it take to be successful in HR career? ›

Strong Communication Skills

If you are unable to properly communicate what an employer wants from an employee or vice versa, either parties could easily be hurt by your words. As a successful Human Resource professional, you must use your words effectively to communicate with all parties involved.

What are examples of career ladder? ›

A career ladder may begin with Office Assistant as the lowest level and then advance to Administrative Assistant I, Administrative Assistant II, Administrative Assistant III and finally Department Business Administratror I.

How do you describe a career ladder? ›

In general, a career ladder encompasses how an employee progresses from an entry-level point to higher roles with more responsibility, authority, and pay. Additional terms for career ladders are career lattices, where employees can still progress, but in other areas or departments.

How do you answer HR questions? ›

Some of the Do's while answering hr interview questions like such are as follows:
  • Keep it short.
  • Keep it professional.
  • Keep it relevant.
  • Focus on positive.
  • Sound confident in what you are speaking about.
  • Show passion.
  • Mention a sweet yet relevant anecdote to make it sound organic.
  • Highlight your accomplishments.
Dec 18, 2022

Why do you think you are qualified for this position? ›

Talk about 3-4 qualifications you have that match the job description. Paint a picture of what you have to offer and how you'll be successful in that role based on these qualifications. Discuss the company's mission or vision and how you genuinely align yourself to it.

Can you give a short description of an ideal HR workplace for you? ›

If I have to describe my ideal workplace, it would be where employees can communicate with each other and with their supervisors without any hindrance. I believe that an organization that values the opinion of every employee, would be a great place to work.

What are your top 3 strengths as a HR executive? ›

HR strengths professionals need
  1. Conflict resolution. HR is often responsible for diffusing conflicts between team members or management. ...
  2. Communication. Both written and verbal communication are essential strengths for an HR professional to have. ...
  3. Inclusivity. ...
  4. Discretion. ...
  5. Goal setting. ...
  6. Time management. ...
  7. Perspective. ...
  8. Organization.
Mar 10, 2023

What qualities do you think make a great HR professional? ›

Good HR professionals should ideally have at least some of the following traits and be willing to develop the rest.
  • Organization. ...
  • Effective Communication. ...
  • Problem-Solving. ...
  • Comfortable Making Hard Decisions. ...
  • Enjoy Data. ...
  • Multi-Tasker. ...
  • Kindness and Understanding. ...
  • Strong Ethics.
Dec 9, 2021

What are the 4 levels of HR? ›

What are the Four levels of HR Analytics?
  • Descriptive Analytics.
  • Diagnostic Analytics.
  • Predictive Analytics.
  • Prescriptive Analytics.

What are the 3 career paths to HR management? ›

The following is the order of a typical HR career path in their respective hierarchal order.
  • HR Assistant. ...
  • HR Coordinator. ...
  • HR Specialist. ...
  • HR Generalist. ...
  • HR Manager. ...
  • HR Director. ...
  • Vice President of HR/People Relations/People Operations. ...
  • Chief HR Officer (CHRO)

What is the highest position for HR? ›

The Vice President of Human Resource is also sometimes referred to as Chief HR Officer (CHRO). They are in charge of all human resources management activities including the policies and goals within the organization.

What is the highest level of HR position? ›

Vice president of human resources or chief human resources officer (CHRO) An organization might have either a VP of HR or a CHRO that reports directly to the business owner or the CEO. This is the most senior-level position in an HR team.

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